technical features automatic warehouse

Technical features
Basic frame

BI.MAG Automatic Warehouse’s frame is made of steel, suitably dimensioned. Drawers are sorted on two, four or more 'towers' with a corresponding shuttle that reaches the selected drawer and brings it to the loading/downloading rack. The BI.MAG. warehouse can be equipped with one or more loading/downloading racks, and a front or lateral exit according to the machine’s position.

Drawers’ dimensions (UDC)

Drawers are measured and put into the machine by our technical staff according to customers’ needs.
Max. length of the drawer: 15 mt.
Drawers’ capacity (UDC):
Min. capacity for each drawer: 500 Kg.
Max. capacity for each drawer: 5000 Kg.
Standard drawer for aluminium sections: 750/1000 Kg.
Standard drawer for iron materials: 3000 Kg

Some accessories for BI.MAG storage system

Runways with hoist to be applied to the storage system to move and lift the bundles of long materials.
Lifters controlled by adjustable button which lifts the bundle from below. The lifter picks up the materials over the container’s
level, so that you can slide each bar one by one to feed machining center or cutting center or to be loaded by fork lift truck or crane
Front or side roll conveyors for the motion of the stuff in bundles or in single bar.
Load cells with display for speed weighing operations on each container.

Container solutions for BI.MAG store

WMS software

On the standard version you have a numeric keyboard. You have simply to dial the number of the container requested and you will have it on the loading / unloading position. The average time required for changing container is calculated on the basis of about 80 seconds. From the keyboard you can also regulate the parameter which control the PLC. The specific WMS software developed by CIAMPALINI is a supervision program and can be used to connect in net one or more BI.MAG. systems. You will be able to control and move the PC, you will research the items in the containers, visualize and print the quantity of material per container or in the whole system. You will have a quick inventory visualized at the same time you make loading / unloading operations.
Our software is extensible to every customer’s requirements.