Flat material warehouses

Technical features
Basic frame

The frame of Automatic warehouses for ML Plate is made of steel, suitably dimensioned and can reach a height of more than 12 mt. Drawers are placed on a single or double “tower” equipped with a shuttle that transports the selected drawer to the loading/downloading rack.
The warehouse can be equipped with one or more loading/downloading racks, with a front and back exit. Anyway, the out-coming plate is transported by the shuttle on a round support that enables to easily reach the lift truck, the bridge crane or the jib crane for the follow-up link of the machine to the warehouse.

Drawers’ dimensions (UDC)

Drawers are dimensioned according to the plate format that is used by the final customer.
The most used types of drawers are the following ones:
- 1250 X 2500 mm / capacity 3000 Kg.
- 1500 X 3000 mm / capacity 3000 Kg.
- 2000 X 4000 mm / capacity 3000/5000 Kg.
- 2000 X 6000 mm / capacity 5000 Kg.
- 2500 X 6000 mm / capacity 5000/7000 Kg.

Some accessories for ML storage system

- Loading cells with display: they can display the weight of the materials that is inside the drawer, in/out from the ML warehouse.
Progress table, it enables the moving of materials along a number of suitable guides that are applied to the flooring.
Loading and downloading supporting plate, movement of materials by means of the lift truck or bridge crane.

WMS software

By means of a number of electronic systems that have been developed by CIAMPALINI, the warehouse is completely run by means of a specific software, fully integrated with the warehouse, perfectly designed and customized.

By means of our software you can run, among other things: items’ data, withdrawal and deposit lists, inventory, stocks and weights.

The software can be easily customized according to the customers’ specific needs. It can even be interfaced with our managing software for one or more automatic warehouses for ML Plate with a host position.